Our story.

Live Life Creative is a visual design shop that helps guide creative thoughts into visual works of art.

Through visual design, and marketing ideas we provide many services that can build a brands recognition on multiple platforms.

Our mission is to inspire clients to grow their ideas through visual representation. Live Life Creative was launched to create an outlet for all of the creative ideas that can be expressed through design. This is a design shop that does not limit itself to just one medium. We offer all print media, web design, social media advertisement, apparel and promotional/marketing items. We will provide the best options for printing based on the clients needs.

Our Approach

We focus on building a brand and design that starts conversations and gain awareness.

 Through creative concepts and strategies we design art pieces that reflect the clients brand.

 Everything we create is done with a passion for design. Our motivation is simple. We love what we do and love to help our clients achieve satisfaction from the work we create.

About the Founder, Darius Barnes

Darius Barnes: Biography
Darius Barnes has the title of Creative Director and founder of Live Life Creative, Inc. He is an experienced designer of more than 10 years with experience working with both an Advertising and a Marketing firm. He helped grow a start up company to being recognized in the community for its work building brands through social media.